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USMLE TRAINER-First time in India!

LIVE Prep USMLE Step 2 CS course in Chennai, India.



We at USMLE Trainer care about you, your performance on the exam day, your results and the whole USMLE journey, so join us today to help us learn about you and train you to the level best.

At USMLE TRAINER, we assess candidates' medical knowledge, the way of application of medical knowledge on patients to obtain the information to get to a likely diagnosis.

As there are plenty of other training centers, you choose us because we value your precious time and money. We assure you the time you spend with us will make you stronger than ever before.

We give you massive information, you get hands-on experience with multiple standardized patients with plenty of case scenarios, get your mistakes corrected immediately, become a master at manage time and patients to excel the exam.

Just speaking English well isn't good enough to pass USMLE step 2 CS. Even people with great English proficiency have failed the exam since they could not master the tiny details in how to prepare, manage time and patients.

Practicing by yourself will not make you better at Step 2 CS rather a right trainer and training will make you a master. We have been there and that's why we are here for you to get you through successfully.

Impress your SP with your skills and let them pass you!

We give you what you need to have and will do what needs to be done. In our course, we assess each candidate and identify what they need to pass USMLE Step 2 CS.

USMLE CS exam wants to know your

  • Understanding and application of medical knowledge
  • How good at handling easy or tough patients from different background
  • Identifying positive physical findings,
  • Managing time efficiently,
  • Crispy and concise medical notes

Time is everything in this exam. In order to do well in all 12 cases, you will have to be very efficient in time management. Tutors we instruct the concept and tips on how to manage difficult patients.

We give you Confidence & Courage and you Crack it!!

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